Ark Angel OutaHit Records is a Reggae Label established in Jamaica in 2016 with a mission to exhault the name and works of the Most High Emperor Selassie I Jah Rastafari.  OutaHit Records strives to create music that is empowering and inspiring for people EVERYWHERE. 

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Ark Angel OutaNationalz Band is based in Boston and has been performing together since 2014 - representing the musical productions of Ark Angel OutaHit Records.  Founding members:  Israel Coolyman and iDazle.  Other members include Oginga, Compton and most recently - Elita-I.  We want all our supporters to know that we truly appreci-love you and that Our MUSIC is just created with the upliftment of the human race in mind. One God One People One Aim One Love.  Rastafari!!!


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