Roshe Sylvester  Hutchinson (born on December 8,1988) is popularly known as 'Caly Crit'. He is a young and inspiring musican and engineer from the historical and close knitted community of August Town ,Kingston Jamaica.
From the age if twelve (12 )years old he began writing songs and started recording them five (5) years later due to his passion and drive to move further in the music business. To date some of his songs recorded are 'Your Touch' ; 'Medz Dem an Mek Money Hard'. His creativity can be heard in his creation of beats, recording vocals and mixing songs.
He has perform at a number of stage shows at Weekends, UWI and various communities in Kingston. He continues to pursue his first love ,which is his music career. His Favorite artist (Garnet Silk and Shabba Rankin). His hobbies include listening to music, watching movies, playing video games and going out. The Motto that gives him the motivation in life is : God is in control so I speak big and bold!